The Singapura is a different kind of cat.    If you have always wanted an easy to care for, Seracutoutaffectionate, cuddly, friendly, follow you everywhere kind of cat, then the Singapura is the cat for you.  These tiny felines are fun, full of action and thrive on attention.

The Singapura is the smallest cat breed.  The males grow to be 5 to 7 pounds and the females average 4 to 6 pounds.  Even though they are small, they are mighty!  They are athletic, smart, playful, busy, interactive and very friendly.  Singapuras come in one color, called Sable Ticked Tabby or Seal Sepia Agouti, which is a warm ivory background with brown tipping on the body and tail hairs.  The underside is solid cream.  Some singpuras have “jewelry” in the form of banding on the fronts of their legs.  Singapuras have very large eyes in relation to their face size.  A compact body, medium-lengthed, blunt-tipped tail and slender legs ending in small feet complete the package.

The Singapura is a rare breed of cat brought by Hal and Tommy Meadow to the US after discovering these special cats in Singapore.  It is a relatively healthy breed of cat.  But there are hereditary conditions that should be checked for by the breeder.  Heart, Kidney and Liver conditions are among some of them.  Most of these can be tested for by DNA tests or ultrasound testing.  Because of their small size, there can be difficulties breeding Singapuras.  They tend to have small litters and some queens have difficulty giving birth.

We love our singapuras as cherished family pets. They live in our home with us and all of our kittens are raised underfoot with constant socialization.   We occasionally present our cats at shows through The International Cat Association (TICA).  You can read more about the TICA Singapura breed description here:  http://www.tica.org/public/breeds/sg/intro.php .  We hope to help to preserve this rare and special breed of cat through thoughtful selection of breeding stock that is chosen for being an excellent example of the Singapura Standard and that has been thoroughly health screened by board certified veterinarians and DNA testing.


Christina Dahleen

Calcatta Cattery

Bakersfield, California




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