Spring is in the air!  Both Willow and Katarina are being bred for kittens due in late April 2020.  Complete an Adoption Application if you are interested in reserving a kitten from one of these litters.



We had a large litter of 5 singapura kittens at the end of August 2019 and have a couple of kittens available now.  Contact us if you are interested in adopting one of these adorable babies.   There are two girls and one boy available at this time.



We will have some young adults and retirees available for adoption after the Holidays.  Please feel free to check with us in early 2020 if you are interested in adopting an adult.  The adoption fee is $250.  The cat will already be spayed/neutered, will be current on vaccinations.  We do not ship our adult adoptions so please plan on being able to pick up your new kitty in person. 


Sprite and Sylph, long time companions.



Kittens in 2019

Because singapuras are so rare, our kittens are generally spoken for before they are even born.  It promises to be a special year with new arrivals and gorgeous, loving, show quality kittens.

Please complete my adoption application if you are interested in joining my waiting list.  A small deposit is required to reserve a future kitten.  Kittens are offered in the order in which deposits are received.

Our 2018 waiting list is full at this time.  The next available kittens will be born in early and mid 2019.  We are taking deposits now for the 2019 kitten season.



Our kittens are generally spoken for before they are even born, so reserve your baby now.

Contact us to be added to our waiting list.


Pixie’s  “Peter Pan” (Adopted)

I call this little guy Peter Pan because he is going to be a perpetual kitten with his playful spirit and tiny size.   This adorable little boy is available as a neutered pet.  He is a beautiful example of a Singapura with enormous bright green eyes, large ears and warm coloring.  He is going to be a small cat, his parents are my smallest singapuras.  He is friendly and outgoing and loves to cuddle.   Update:  Petie has been adopted.



Willow Babies are Here!!

Willow has become a bit of a celebrity and an ambassador of the Singapura breed due to her beauty and adorable personality.  So her first litter was very highly anticipated by us.  We were hoping for a mini-Willow female kitten to keep for our next show prospect, but she had two boys instead!  These two incredible boys became adored pets for two lucky families.   Complete our adoption application if you are interested in a similar kitten from a future litter.  Unfortunately, due to high demand, there will be a longer wait for female kittens.

Willow’s show boy.

Willow’s tiny boy.




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