Our Cats – Females

Calcatta Ulla

Sire: Rosental Luka  x  Dam: Calcatta Pixie Styx


Calcatta Abby

Sire: Rosental Luka  x Dam: Calcatta Pixie Styx


Calcatta Katarina

Rosental Luka  X  Calcatta Sprite

Katarina is a tiny girl with a big personality!  She has enormous eyes and a very expressive face.  She is small but mighty when it comes to letting the other cats know her opinion.  She has also proven to be a great mother, having 5 kittens in her first litter, all with wonderful dispositions and beautiful coloring and markings.  We have already kept one of her daughters for the next generation, Calcatta Candy Crush.


RW GCH Calcatta Wil-O-Wisp

(AKA: Willow)

Calcatta Cisco Kid   X   Calcatta Sprite

Willow is a TICA Regional Winner and Grand Champion, accomplished in just one adult show.   This beautiful little girl is the epitome of a Singapura with a beautiful, dainty look and a very loving and outgoing personality.  Willow loves to sit in laps, ride on shoulders, and play, play, play!!  And best of all, her kittens have been inheriting her wonderful looks and disposition.


****Retired Queens****

All of our retirees have been adopted into wonderful homes, however we like to keep their pictures up here for reference as they are the foundation of our current generation.  Thank you to everyone who has opened their home to one of our beautiful adults.  We appreciate the love and care you will give to our Singapuras for the rest of their lives.

Calcatta Pixie Stix (Adopted)

RW SGC Corto Maltese Spirit Symphiorane    X     Calcatta Sylph

Pixie is as cute as her name implies.  She is tiny, mischievous, playful and gregarious all in one little bundle of beauty and affection.  She has enormous eyes in a striking face with vivid markings, fancy jewelry markings and lots of warm tones.   Add expert climber and fly catcher to her resume’ and she is the very essence of what a Singapura is.

Calcatta Sprite (Adopted)

RW SGC Corto Maltese Symphiorane X  RW QGC Angeltree Flitterby of Calcatta

Sprite is a friendly, affectionate girl who loves everyone she meets.  She has beautiful, large green eyes in an angelic face.  She is playful, mischievious and very bouncy.  Sprite is the mother of RW SGC Calcatta Wil-O-Wisp.

Calcatta Sprite

Calcatta Sprite

Calcatta Sylph (RETIRED)

RW SGC Katzalano Curious George  X  RW Angeltree Seraphina of Calcatta

Little Sylph is an elegant, refined queen with a petite body, tiny feet, beautiful markings and an exotic face with very large eyes.  She adores lap sitting and will curl up with anyone who sits still long enough.  Sylph is the mother of our own Calcatta Cisco Kid and Calcatta Pixie Stix.  Sylph is now retired.

2016-12-17 23.31.03.jpg

Calcatta Phoebe – (RETIRED)

RW SGC Katzalano Curious George  X  RW Calcatta Dory Fera

Phoebe is almost a twin of her mother.  She looks like her, has the same sweet personality and she is a silly girl that enjoys the same antics as her mother.  Sadly, we were unable to keep a daughter from her before she was retired and this line has been lost to us.  But she will remain with us as my mother’s companion.

Calcatta Phoebe

Calcatta Phoebe


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